Hello, my name is Julie W. Tran and I'm an author. I am 45 years old. I have two children and a husband. I often read fairy tales to my children. Later, I started to teach them riddles as they got older. It wasn't always difficult to find riddles. I had to go to the search engine for riddles on the Internet. The most intriguing riddles to test the development of intelligence and logic for adults and children - at https://riddlesbest.com/. There are a variety of tricks to be solved. They could be hilarious or serious. Literature is a part of our lives from childhood through into old age. Every person chooses what is important to them: read or write. My choices have been clear since my childhood. While talent is essential however, it's not enough to know that it can be acquired later. After having read a handful of books, it was then that I developed the desire to write something.


    The story began at an early age, when my sister was born. It was at this point that I first tried the pen the first time. The time was difficult for our family financially and it was not affordable to purchase expensive books. We hardly had enough money for food, and the New Year holidays were coming. I was still a young person when I was a kid, but I was aware that we had a younger child that could not receive a gift the way a sin is. Therefore, I decided to take on this task, which I handed myself. The story I created made an impression, as I'm sure to admit despite the fact that I was terribly afraid and embarrassed. The book, which I created by hand, is stored at home with my sister. The memory is there in the form of any kind of memory, then that person continues to live within the soul of another , and I'm sure that few would argue with this. It is not possible to imagine that the naive dream of my childhood, to become a writer, could bring its fruit in a more mature age.


    As time passed I was able to see the benefits from writing at least something that became my most-loved task. As soon as I got back from school, my initial instinct was to grab some paper and start writing about the day. I also made notes about the movie or the book I read. In the end, I wrote an essay about what I consider to be the purpose of my existence and perhaps you would not believe what I accomplished and it was mine. I put all of my knowledge and experience at the time, and all my soul into the project.